Revitalizing Waterbury’s efforts and accomplishments are directly related to people-power and partnerships.  We rely on a strong network of volunteers to make our vision a reality.  Bring your special talents and join a committee or sign up for our Volunteer Corps and help out where you can. There are many ways to support our important work.  Give back to your community and make new friends!

Revitalizing Waterbury's Standing Committees

Community Ambassadors ensure that summer visitors to Waterbury receive a warm welcome and helpful guidance on how to make the most of their visit to our community. Headquartered at the Community Room in the Waterbury Train Station, Community Ambassadors are passionate about local history, delight in meeting new people, and love of sharing about the community.  The Community Ambassadors will return when Black Cap Coffee and Bakery opens in Fall 2022. Click here to read more info.

Design Committee plays a key role in shaping the physical image of our town as a place that’s attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors. Projects include summer and fall flower plantings, holiday decor, public art, and banners. The Committee is also involved in the Stowe Street Alley Project. Meetings are monthly at 5 pm on the second Wednesday of the month. Members do not have to be a master gardener or a professional artist/designer. We are looking for committee members that are creative and passionate about the appearance of Waterbury for all who live and visit our community.  Click here to receive more info.

Marketing & Tourism Committee works to promote Waterbury as a center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors. Work includes supporting businesses, events, and organizations in town through activities like advertising opportunities, promoting Waterbury as a regional hub for local needs, and assisting with promotions like the Wrap It Up & Win holiday shopping campaign. Meetings are monthly at 9 am on the first Friday of the month. You don’t have to have marketing expertise for this committee – just a passion for Waterbury. However, designers, marketers, and writers will be an awesome addition to this group. Click here to receive more info.

Train Station Committee is responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of the historic train station and manages the Community Room. The Committee meets as needed throughout the warmer months.

Volunteer Corps are community members who are interested in supporting RW with time and talent.  Corps members receive emails when help is needed. Projects may include planting barrels, working at the Waterbury Arts Fest, and helping in the office.

Waterbury Area Development Committee identifies new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, strengthens existing businesses and helps recruit new businesses.  Projects include: annual economic data collection and quarterly business mixers. Meetings are monthly at 4 pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Click here to receive more info.

Waterbury Arts Fest Planning Committee helps to plan RW's two-day annual event held in July each year. Meetings begin in January of each year, meeting monthly on a date determined by the committee members.  Click here to receive more info.